Baby's First Photo Cards
Baby's First Photo Cards

Baby's First Photo Cards

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Jellycat Bashful Bunny Baby's First Photo Cards 

Growing up is an exciting chapter in your little bubs life. Baby's first bashful bunny photo cards includes 12 double sided cards in a gorgeous gift box sealed with ribbon. This ideal gift is perfect for a baby shower present or your very own sweet little bub. 

Photo cards consist of:

  • Hello world/ 1 month old
  • I am 1 week old/ I am 2 months old
  • I am 2 weeks old/ I am 3 months old
  • I am 3 weeks old/ I am 4 months old
  • I can sit/ I am 5 months old
  • I can stand/ I am 6 months ol
  • I slept through the night/ I am 7 months old
  • My first tooth/ I am 8 months old
  • Me with my best friend/ I am 9 months old
  • My first day out/ I am 10 months old
  • Me with my favourite toy/ I am 11 months old
  • I said my first word/ I am 1 year old