SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters
SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters
SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters
SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters
SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters
SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters

SLB Dummy Clip- 8 Letters

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SLB's dummy clips have been independently lab tested and passed all aspects of mechanical testing. All parts used have also been lab tested and certified to comply with the DIN EN 12586: 2007 – Child use and Care Articles – Safety Requirements and Test Methods

Sweet Little Bubs, handmade dummy clips have been made with love for expecting mums or your very own stylish little bub. 

These beautiful, stylish and modern dummy clips come in a variety of colours so if you would like a preview of a specific colour theme please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Clip Colour- Choose a colour of your choice
  • Hexagon 1 - Hexagon closest to the clip.
  • Round Bead 1
  • Letters- Enter 8 letter name
  • Round Bead 2
  • Hexagon 2- Hexagon closest to the string
  • String Colour- Choose a colour of your choice

For safety and hygienic purposes we recommend discarding your dummy clip after 3 months of usage.


Before each use check carefully. Throw away at the first sign of DAMAGE or WEAKNESS. NEVER lengthen the dummy chain! NEVER attach to cords, ribbons, laces, or loose parts of clothing. The child may be strangled.

ONLY attach your dummy chain to a garment. Your dummy chain should only be attached to thin materials that are of the thickness of t-shirt material. Clipping onto thicker materials like jumpers or thicker edged bibs will stretch the clamping mechanism and will make the clip loose and not function as intended and will require replacing much sooner. We will not replace any dummy chains that have been used in this way and stretched, as they are not considered faulty, they have been misused.

REMOVE soother holder while child is sleeping. Do NOT use while your baby is in a cot, bed, bassinet, car sear, pram or playpen as the product can risk being caught and strangulate your baby/child. SECURE the clip away from the child’s mouth (clipping towards the shoulders or chest position is best) and always remember to REMOVE the soother holder while the child is sleeping.

Please note our soother holders are NOT toys or teething products. Therefore, a responsible adult must always always supervise the baby/child whilst using the dummy chain. SLB’S dummy chains are made from silicone beads, which are BPA & toxin free.


To clean your dummy chain correctly, use a damp cloth (lukewarm water only and air dry after cleaning). Do NOT immerse in water or place in dishwasher. Keep water, wipes, soap or any moisture away from the metal clip as it can corrode the metal. Do NOT leave your dummy chain in direct sunlight. Store your dummy chain in clean packaging when not in use. You may want to consider purchasing our SLB pouch to store your dummy chain safe and secure.